Rules and Regulations for Rookies

Kicks you should know:

Direct Free Kick - Awarded after a foul, and does not have to touch a teammate before a goal can be scored.  A Direct is given for: handball, kicking, tripping, holding, pushing an opponent or tackling from behind.

Indirect Free Kick - Awarded after a foul, and requires that the ball be touched by another player before a goal can be scored.  An indirect is awarded for: offsides, goalkeeper taking more than three steps with the ball or dangereous play.

Penalty Kick - Takes Place when the defending team commits a direct-kick foul inside the 18 yard box.  Ball is placed twelve 12 yards in front of the goal, with only the goalie defending.

Corner Kick - awarded when the defending team kicks or touches he ball beyond their goal line.

Goal Kick - Awarded when the attacking team kicks or touches the ball beyond the opponents goal line.

Kick-off - When one team kick the ball the start play.  The ball must make one revolution forward before anyone else can touch it.

What are those colored cards?

Yellow Card - Is a warning given to a player or coach for severe misconduct. (Two yellow cards in a game counts the same as a red.)

Red Card - When a red card is given, the player is ejected from the game and not allowed to play in the next game.

What does offsides mean?

Offsides occurs when a player is closer to their opponent's goal than the last defender ( other than the goalie) at the time the ball is kicked forward by the player's teammate.  If the player is offsides, the other team will get an indirect kick.


The entire ball must be completely over the side or end line.