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Cape St. Claire Covenants
Legal disclaimer

This DEED AND AGREEMENT made thisbla, bla, bla describes Cape St. Claire with Plat-folio and lot number details.

WHEREAS, …develop…neighboring lands as it may hereafter purchase…reserves the right to make such additions a component part of the Cape St. Claire development by subjecting same to the covenants, restrictions, provisions, etc. of this Deed and agreement, or to a deed and agreement containing similar covenants, restrictions, etc.; and

WHEREAS, the company has reserved and set aside on the aforesaid Plat No. 1 Cape St. Claire and Plat NO. 2, Cape St. Claire, and intends to set aside on a revised Plat C of Persimmon Point and on future plats of Cape St. Claire to be numbered consecutively thereon, certain roads and other areas designated as "Community Park - for property owners only," "Community Beach - for property owners only," and other similar designation; and

WHEREAS, …private roads…covenants binding…future owners…set forth.

NOW, THEREFORE, …Cape St. Claire.

1. All lots herein conveyed shall be for residential use only and not for purposes of any trade or business whatsoever. Structures erected on any one lot shall consist of the main dwelling or residence for the occupancy of one family only, together with a private garage and other structures appurtenant to the main residence or to be used in connection therewith.
2. No residence, dwelling, garage or other structure appurtenant to the residence shall be erected or built on said land nor shall any addition to or change or alteration therein be made, until the plans and specifications for such structure or alterations and location thereof are submitted to and approved by the … Cape St. Claire Improvement Association. Written Permission must be obtained from the CSCIA to locate, construct or maintain fences, walls, hedges, buildings, outbuildings and other structures.
3. All detached garages and other outbuildings of any kind whatsoever shall be in the rear of the dwelling but shall not be within ten (10) feet of the rear boundary of the lot nor within ten (10) feet of the dividing lines of said lot.
4. (a) No building, dwelling, structure or part thereof shall be erected or maintained on any lot within twenty-five (25) feet of its front boundary line nor within fifteen (15) of its rear boundary line, nor closer than fifteen (15) feet to any road, unless otherwise designated and approved.
(b) Free and open space shall be left on both sides of every building, structure, dwelling, or part thereof, erected on the said lot, which free and open spaces shall extend the full length of all lots and shall be not less than ten (10) feet in width from the dividing lines of said lots.
(c) Steps, uncovered porches and terraces which are part of or adjacent to the main dwelling, and no part of which is more than three (3) feet above the level of the first floor of the main dwelling, may be built and maintained on any part of the spaces mentioned in this paragraph 4 subsections (a) and (b).
5. No trees shall be cut and no excavations shall be made on the premises except for building purposes and at the time when building operation are commenced and no earth or sand shall be removed from the premises except as part of such excavations.
6. At no time shall … discriminatory clause removed.
7. No privy of any kind shall be allowed on said property but each house shall have inside toilets with adequate water supply and septic tank installation or the disposal of sewage approved by the Maryland State Board of Health.
8. No noxious or offensive trade shall be carried on upon any lot nor shall anything be done or kept thereon which may be or become any annoyance or nuisance to the neighbors.
9. No trailer, basement, tent, shack, garage, barn or other outbuilding erected on the tract shall at any time be use as a residence, temporarily or permanently, nor shall any residence of a temporary character be permitted.
10. In order to preserve or improve the views of land and water, hills and valleys, obtainable on and from the various lots shown on the said Plat, and to promote the free movement of breezes and prevent the harboring places for flies, mosquitoes and other insects, the CSCIA reserves the right to trim any trees or shrubbery now or hereafter standing in said tract which may, in its opinion, destroy or interfere with such views or the free movement of breezes, or furnish harboring places for flies, mosquitoes or other insects.
11. (a) … CSCIA expressly reserves all riparian rights …as shown on Plats.
… change the location of any road in Cape St. Claire
(b) … creates community property… authority to prescribe from time to time the manner of use of such community parks and beaches and the kind and character of any structures…
12. make reasonable changes during initial Cape St. Claire development
13. Easements and rights of way are hereby expressly reserved in and over the strips of ground five feet in width along the rear line of the the purpose of erecting, constructing and maintaining wires and the necessary or proper attachment in connection therewith for the transmission of electricity and for telephones and other public utilities or functions, and … assigns shall have the right to enter upon said reserved strips of land for any of the purposes for which easements and rights are reserved as above set forth.
14. the restrictions are enforceable, non-enforcement does not waive restrictions; and the declared invalidity of any one or more of the provisions herein shall not affect the validity of the others.
15. CSCIA has all rights and powers as original development Company
16. For the purpose of creating and maintaining a fund to be known as the maintenance fund the owner of each lot subject to this Deed and Agreement, shall pay to the CSCIA on March 1st of each year the sum of Ten ($10) dollars for each lot so owned, which said sum shall be a lien on the land until paid. The maintenance fund shall be used for construction, improvement, maintenance, lighting and repair of streets, parks and beaches in the subdivision, and for expenses incidental to the examination and approval of plans as herein provided, and to the enforcement of the restrictions, conditions, covenants, easements, charges and agreements herein contained. The sufficiency of the fund is not guaranteed.

And in addition to the waterfront set-back restrictions set forth on the aforementioned Plat C of Persimmon Point which prohibits any building, dwelling, structure or part thereof from being erected or maintained on any part of any waterfront lot of ground between its rear (waterfront) boundary line and the set-back line protecting the agreed between the parties hereto that the said lot of ground is conveyed free, clear and discharged of all covenants, agreements, restrictions, charges and provisions set forth in deed from the … CSCIA… except insofar as any of said covenants, agreements etc. are embodied in the aforesaid Deed and Agreement or waterfront set-back restriction.

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